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A gem for journalists from the British Newspaper Archive

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Newspaper archives are a joyous thing, offering a window into the way we saw the world in the past. The stories, the way they’re written and the adverts published all make it easy to disappear down a rabbit hole when you’re rifling through the past pages of a paper. In local newspapers, you often find yourself tasked with unearthing a few gems from yesteryear for an archive page. These features …

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The journalism clichés I can’t stand

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All journalists are guilty of slipping into cliché mode. Consciously or sub-consciously we reach for well-worn words and phrases in a quest to succinctly sum up the point of the story and to place an emphasis on the bits of our copy that we’re trying to flag up as important. I was probably as guilty as anyone of using some of these clichés – sometimes referred to as journalese – …