The video that sums up the frustration of local newspaper websites

In My View by Andrew BrookesLeave a Comment


Take a bow Terry Kent. In just 45 seconds on YouTube he manages to perfectly sum up the frustrations many suffer when trying to read local newspaper websites.

Terry’s video is one of those ideas that’s so good you wished you’d come up with it yourself. In it, he demonstrates the offline equivalent of the online user experience, given the number of ads we’re all forced to fend off.

The paper in question is the Hull Daily Mail but that’s far from the only title to have a frustrating user experience.

It’s worth noting that journalists hate these ads too. We’re told that they’re a necessary evil but you can’t help but think that websites that actively discourage you from reading them with pop-ups, huge ads, auto-playing videos etc are doing more harm than good.

Anyway, take it away Terry…